Princes range from $7-20 for regular bags, $16-38 for plush only. $ will update in cart

You may add a note if there is a specific color you want added or taken out, but these are *not* custom bags. (ex, ordering a warm bag but you also want a swatch of rainbow fur, or you order a natural bag and don't want black)


Bag Dimensions:

Sample bags: 6.5 x 3.25 $7

Small bags: 6.5x5.5 $10

Med bags: 8.5x11 $15

Large bags: 9x14 $20

Plush bags are more expensive due to $/yard



(Possible colors based on the palette. Not a guarantee of all colors listed.)

All - A mix of all possible colors, hues, patterns, etc.

Only plush - (the softest, highest quality fur I've found) Black, blue, wine red, brown, pink

Naturals - Black, brown, cream, white, tan, ginger, rust, white w/ dark tips

Light - White, cream, light pink, light blue, lavendar, bubblegum, tan

Dark - Blue, red, forest green, black, brown, grey

Warm - All shades of red, yellow, orange

Cool - All shades of green, blue, purple

Multicolored - The fur itself is multicolored, rainbow fur, patterned fur, fur with colored tips, etc.


Please note:

- All bags will be packed full.

- All bags will come with medium and high quality fur.

- All bags will have a mix of sizes of pieces, you are choosing the size of the bag not the size of the pieces.

- This is scrap fur so there will be odd shapes and some pieces will be marked with sharpie.

- All pieces are useable for at LEAST detail work and micro pairs.

Mystery Scrap Fur Bags