How do I order from you?

There are three ways to purchase pairs and sets: 1. Releases- These happen 1-2x a month. All dates and times are announced via the @Peachfuzzums Instagram stories, set with a timer. It is recommended that once these times are announced, to set an alarm in your phone as well. Releases are first come first serve and are often sold out quickly (within the first day, if not hour). 2. Auctions- These happen once a month or bi-monthly. More extravagent pairs and sets will be auctioned on the @Peachfuzzums Instagram page. Generally there will be a date and time announced, along with a preview of the set and review of auction rules. The auction post itself will follow, and the highest bid wins the set. a. Best offer- a variation of a silent auction. Again, rules, retail price (starting bid) and previews will be shown via stories on Instagram, and a "questions" box will be posted where the bidders will have 1-2 chances to silently bid on the pair depending on the set rules. The winner will remain annonymous. 3. Customs- Customs become available very rarely, and any slots will be announced via Instagram stories or posts. Custom slots may be made available via auction, contest, best offer, or release to the website.

Why 18+ to purchase?

Peachfuzzums values autonomy, consent, and boundaries. I support adults, however they choose to express themselves in communities such as cosplay, furry fandom, sex work, anime, festival/rave, pet play, etc. I recognize and support adults in the platonic and sexual sides of these communities. Faux fur ears and accessories are NOT inherently sexual, however, it would be naive to say they are NEVER perceived sexually. Because they are used in a wide variety of communities, and that wearing them communicates different things in different settings, I only feel comfortable selling to adults who are able to differentiate and make informed decisions, or to parents and guardians who are aware of the varying meaning behind them. I fully support children expressing themselves in alternative, age-appropriate, safe ways and highly encourage open, educated, progressive conversations within family structures. Not selling directly to minors is a form of harm reduction.

How much are your pairs?

Pairs range really broadly based on size, complexity, and accessories. Plain, no tail: - Bunny start at $200 - Fox & puppy start at $100 - Cat start at $80 Very extravagent, w/ tail: - Bunny >$1,000 - Fox & pup >$275 - Cat >$250 Please check out our products to get an idea of value per pair. Alternatively, send an email or DM on Instagram with a reference photo from the Peachfuzzums gallery to get a more accurate quote.

Wait times?

- Pre-mades ship in 2-7 days. - Customs take longer and ship in 1-3 months depending on complexity and place in line.


Customs are made available via first come first serve website listings, or by auction on Instagram. All announcements about when customs will become available on my Instagram stories. To get an idea of pricing, please see our "past releases" section, or email the shop for a general quote.