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Celestial fox ears faux fur animal ear headband
bunny ears faux fur animal ear headband
fox ears faux fur animal ear headband

Our Story

Peachfuzzums was founded in April, 2020 by Clove Ellis (they/them). Clove is a multiply neurodivergent, queer, mixed media artist with a background in ceramics and sculpture. They received their BA in Fine Arts in the spring of 2021, and their MA in Arts Administration in the spring of 2023.


Still owned and operated solely by the artist, Peachfuzzums has grown into a small business servicing all walks of life looking for one-of-a-kind, radically expressive, wearable art. Our mission is to encourage personal growth and pride in all of the things that make us unique, as well as healing through play. We strongly value authenticity, connection, and community and hope to strengthen those things with others through our work!

While we specialize in our realistic lop bun shape, we offer an array of species, sizes, an aesthetics. Our pieces have been worn to festivals, shows, cons, online, and as daily accessories!

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