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Build your own cat ear! Like a custom, but with less design freedom and no consultation. Please use the following guide to fill out your personalization section. Please note that I will make the ears to the exact specifications, you are responsible for following the guide! All metals are real gold and pure silver. All gems are Swarovski.


All ears will come with the option of one to two fur colors, and one to two airbrushing colors. Use the photo guide above and written guide below to fill out your personalizations~ Each level of decoration has certain limits so please be mindful of that when filling out your personalizations!


Levels of decoration:

💖Plain: no decor, up to two fur colors and two airbrush colors.

💜Little decor: glitter OR freckles, AND one jewelry placement.

💙Medium decor: glitter OR freckles, and 3 jewelry placements.

💚Full decor: glitter AND freckles, and 4 jewelry placements.

❤️‍🔥Heavy decor means all decor options are available to you.



1. Front fur color/ 2. Back fur color

2. Inner ear airbrush color

3. Jewelry - placement A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and type (crystal and its color, or metal hoop in gold or silver)

4. Freckles (yes/no) if yes, what color?

5. Glitter tip (yes/no) if yes, what color?

🌟For example- "Front white, black backs. Pink inner ears. A- silver hoop. Black freckles. White glitter tip"🌟


BYO pairs will ship in 2-4 months depending on your place in line and complexity. There are only *one* of each premade in this listing which are ready to ship. All others will be made to order.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

BYO Cat ears